Yoga 4 Life in partnership with Anne Arundel Community College

is offering the

Immersion into the Yoga Tradition

Professional Yoga Instructor Certification Preparation Program

            200- and 500-hour options available

  1. Important Dates:

March 12     Q&A session

                     5:30 pm - CALT 100 at AACC

March 15      Registration for all summer classes opens

June  8-10    Ayurveda Yoga Specialist program begins

June 5          Introduction to Meditation begins

July 11         Anatomy for Yoga begins

About the program:

The Immersion into the Yoga Tradition PYICPP at the Anne Arundel Community College is a comprehensive, in-depth exploration into the art and science of yoga.  The program’s components cover topics ranging from meditation, philosophy, Ayurveda, pranayama, anatomy and physiology, teaching methodology, posture labs, subtle energy and more.  Its intent is to give all students access to the richness and depth of the yoga teachings.  It is appropriate for all students, those seeking to deepen their own practice and expand their knowledge as well as those whose passion is guiding them to teach yoga.

All courses are under consideration by the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC).  Professional CEUs and a Certificate of Completion from Anne Arundel Community College may be awarded upon successful completion of all courses and course requirements.  Additionally, successful completion of each of the two program options (200-hour or 500-hour) qualifies graduates to apply for their national accreditation with the Yoga Alliance at that respective program level.

All courses within the program are eligible for continuing education credit at both the 200 and 500 level with Yoga Alliance.

Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist program

YGA: 505-508 Professional Yoga Instructor, Ayurveda I-IV

2012 dates

    June 8 - 10

    July 13 - 15

    August 10 - 12   

    August 17 - 19

Class meets 5-9pm on Fridays, 9-6pm on Saturday and Sunday

Expand your knowledge of Ayurveda and your capacity as a yoga teacher or practitioner with this in-depth study of Ayurvedic principles.  Learn to integrate Ayurveda into group classes, privates and your daily practice to maintain physical and emotional health.  Explore the alchemy of doshas, gunas, vayus and koshas.  Experience ways to adapt poses and pranayama to kindle your inner fire (agni) and increase the circulation of prana (energy).  Learn to identify constitutional imbalances and address them through diet, lifestyle, asana, pranayama and meditation. This course is required for the 500-hour program.

  1. Introduction to Meditation

YGA504: Professional Yoga Instructor, Meditation

2012 dates

    June 12 - August 14

        every Tuesday (5 - 6:45pm)

Explore meditation and its profound mental and physical benefits. Learn how it is connected to asana and other yogic practices.  Experience various meditation techniques and how to integrate them into your lifestyle.  Develop confidence to teach meditation in group classes. This course is required for the 200-hour program.

Anatomy for Yoga Teachers

YGA500: Anatomy for Yoga Instructors

2012 dates

    July 11 - August 25

        every Wednesday (5 - 8:15pm)

        Saturday, July 21 and August 4 (9 - 12:15pm)

        Saturday, August 25 (9 - 6)

Explore the anatomy of the musculoskeletal system and its relationship to the practice and instruction of yoga.  Learn about the skeletal and muscular systems affected by a variety of asana. Learn which bones/muscles are involved in different poses as well as how to adjust poses for differing student’s needs.  This course is required for both the 200-hour and the 500-hour program.